The Elements of Presence

Have an opinion

There is nothing less attractive than someone who sits on the fence and lets others decide for them.   There will always be those who you agree with and those you don’t.  Over the long term it doesn’t really matter what matters is that you had an opinion.Elements of Presence

Ask the right questions

Asking questions that are going to help you manage your fear because it shows your  insecurity and lack of poise.     Your questions must be to get clarity of implementation, on what is being taught.

Get educated on your topic so you can contribute with value

With knowledge you can speak with confidence, often it’s because we don’t know our subject well enough.    If this means researching the topic, then rehearsing your answers, then that’s exactly what you must do.

Take note of your posture

The way your hold your body  is key to portraying presence or invisibility.  To make yourself invisible,   drop your hips,  slump your shoulders,  drop your chin and breathe shallowly.

To make yourself  present,   stand with both legs straight and even,  have your hands at your sides.   Maintain eye contact as you nod with your neck straight and shoulders back and relaxed.

Get feedback

Get feedback from people you trust about how you come across. Don’t ask people who love you even if you live in a shoe… Ask people who will give you the full, truthful answer about whether you have presence.

Model those who have presence

Pick some one that you admire and who you define as having presence.  Then model them word for word,  stance for stance,  line by line.   For as long as it takes to be totally natural for you to act in that way.    Over time you will then adjust and add your own personality and create your own style.

Do what works and delete what doesn’t

Be conscious of what you are doing and take note of what is working and what is not.  Then stop doing what isn’t working.  Keep going, keep making fine adjustments until you get the results you want.